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Jul 11, 2013 1 Comment ›› DonHase

A dedicated Republican, Don Hase is also a Governor Rick Perry Appointee to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.


  1. Michael Carrigan says:

    Don, my only political hope is the Republican party …….. but I am very concerned that their focus is more on “what is bad about Obama” ….. than getting an agenda of powerful, well thought out plans to improve our country.

    Our father recognized that without Jesus Christ, nothing we can do will work …. it really is “only” by His divine direction do we stand. If we will not acknowledge Him, there is no plan on earth which will work …… there is then no wisdom, no strength and no power to “do” what is good and right for our country ……

    Let the Republicans stand up ….. and “do” …… what is honoring to God and to His people ……. the truth is you will report to Him …… the rest will fall into place ….. you know what’s right …….. “DO IT”.

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