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Dale Abbott

Frank  Able

Elizabeth Adcock

Denny Anderson

Lou Arnold

Michele Audet

Grant A. Bannen

Byron Bavousett

Udell Bell

Jim Bishop

Antoinette Bone

Jan Bowerman

Bowie Hogg         AISD Board President

Danny Brown

Wendy Burgess         Mansfield City Council

Bill Carlisle

Edward Castillo

Mary Chaisson           Precinct Chair 4121

Kam Cheung

Dr. Robert Cluck           Mayor of Arlington

Jana Collins

Betty Constantine

David L. Cook             Mayor of Mansfield

Paula Copple

Doug Crabtree

Brenda Cram

Carl Cravens

Fred Cummings

Kelly Curnutt

Anita Cutrer

Ken Cutrer

Leigh Warren Davis

Suzanne deDecker

Lindsay DeVoss

John Dosher

Gay Downs

Linda Dryden

Bill Eastland               Precinct Chair 2168

Mike Elder

Lance  Evans

Pam Fernandez

Kimberly Fitzpatrick

Robert Floyd

Janet Floyd

Curtis Fortinberry

Brandon Fulgham

Jim Fulgham

Dexter Gatlin

Natalie Genco             Area Leader & Precinct Chair 3331

Mike Gerro

Sharon F. Giraud

Pam Goh

Robert  Goodson

Deandra Grant

Jim Gray

Jim & Jo Grier

Rich Haas

Bruce Hammond       Area Leader & Precinct Chair  2228

Jeff Hampton

Earl Harcrow

Bill Harris

Sherri Heinzman       Precinct Chair 2360

Mike Heiskell

Christian Henri

Bob Hester

Liz Hicks

Lloyd Hillock

Billy Ray Hines           Precinct Chair 3139

Mary Holley

Wes Holmes

Sandy Honc

Jamie  Hughey

Mary Ann Huslig

Traci Hutton              Precinct Chair 3361

Matthew Ipok

Jack Jackowski

John Jaeger

David M. Jones

Dan King

Randy M. King           Precinct Chair 3336

Derrick Kinney

Jacqueline Koon

David Lambertsen

Doug Lambertsen

Jesse Levy

Robin  Long

Steve Luper

Don A. Manning

Clete McAlister

Daniel R. McCabe

Robin  McCarty

Guy McCollum

Jerry  McCullough

Melba McDow           Precinct Chair 2219

Elizabeth McPherson           Precinct Chair 2003

Gary Medlin

Mick Meyer

Bobby Mims

Royce  Mitchell

Charla F. Moore

John Moran

H.T. Nance

Eric Nelson

Bill Nicholas

Bob Nicol

Scott Norris

Jennifer Olson           Precinct Chair 3500

Jerry Orth

Daniel Ortiz

Gloria  Osborne

Craig Ownby              Area Leader & Precinct Chair 2613

Stephanie Patten

Mike Patterson

David Pearson

David  Petter             Precinct Chair 2007

Judith Phillips

Tina Plunkett

Cindy  Quintanilla

Ericha Ramsey

Dean   Recine

Osvaldo Ribota

Laurie Robinson

Sharon Rodebaugh

Richard Roper           Former United States Attorney

Karen Schroeder

Donald Shelton

Don Shipe                  Area Leader & Precinct Chair 1339

Gary Sladek

Toby Shook

Karen Sisk

Lori Spearman

Georgia Stapleton                  Precinct Chair 4070

Brian Steidinger

Mike Stovall

Bob Strickland

Arleen Stubblefield

Sue Sudan

Robert Sullins

Lisa Suttle

Bill Taylor                   Precinct Chair 3417

Ida M. Tilghman

David  Turner

Gabriel Valdez           Precinct Chair 1074

Cynthia Varner

Burnie Vaughn          Precinct Chair 3043

Curt Von Der Ahe

Chuck Wear

Rick Weintraub         Precinct Chair 2304

Brenda White             Precinct Chair 3422

Carl J. Wilkerson

Denise Wilkerson

James Wilkerson

Brian Willett

Jerry Wood

Brenda Woodard

James  Wynne            Precinct Chair 4135

Cindy  Young

Dennis Zahradnik

“Don is clearly the best choice to be the next judge of County Criminal Court Number One.” Curtis Fortinberry, Attorney and Retired Fort Worth Police Officer

“I strongly believe that Don Hase is the most qualified candidate in this race and would urge all Tarrant County voters to give you utmost consideration for Don Hase for CCC#1.” David L. Cook, Mayor of Mansfield

“Don will be the type of judge we need in Tarrant County” David Lambertsen

I am proud to endorse Don Hase for County Criminal Court No.1. He’s the Conservative we need for Tarrant County.” Gabriel Valdez, Precinct Chair # 1074 Tarrant County GOP.

“Don Hase is an honest qualified candidate for judge who I fully endorse.” H. T. Nance, Col., USMC (Ret.)

“Don will do a great job.” Kelly Curnutt, Past President Arlington Bar Association

“Don has the highest ethical standards and will do a great job as the next judge of County Criminal Court Number One.” Richard Roper, Former United States Attorney, Northern District of Texas

“Don is honest and intelligent with a good heart and a good head.” Tina Plunkett

“Don is the most qualified candidate for this court and will do a great job for our citizens. I ask everyone to support Don in this election.” Traci Hutton, Attorney and Precinct Chair 3361

“I have known Don over 15 years. We have co-led Sunday school and Bible studies and been in small group together. We have been together in good times and bad times. I know that he is an extremely talented lawyer. He is also a man of great faith and integrity. I highly recommend everyone in Tarrant County vote for him.” Steve Luper, Arlington, TX, Lt., Dallas Fire-Rescue (Retired)


  1. Burnie Vaughn says:

    Mr. Don Hase,

    I will be endorsing you for Judge, County Criminal Court #1. throughout my Precinct 3043 with nearly 4,000 voters.

    Precinct Chair, Burnie Vaughn

  2. Ben Browder says:

    I used to go to the same Sunday school class Don attended. I think Don would make an excellent judge. I think he has been preparing for it for a long time.

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