The Reasons Top Five Reasons to Elect Don Hase

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Don Hase is running for judge of Tarrant County’s first misdemeanor court because:

  1. Tarrant County citizens deserve fiscally-responsible judges who follow the Tarrant County Plan for indigent appointments. Don Hase believes in open, transparent courts that are accountable for expenditures of taxpayer money.
  2. Don Hase is also the only private practice attorney to receive the Robert O. Dawson Indigent Defense Distinguished Service Award for his efforts to improve the indigent defense system in Tarrant County.
  3. Don Hase is an experienced attorney who has experience trying all levels of criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.
  4. Don Hase is a conservative who believes in enforcing laws as they are written.
  5. Don Hase is a dedicated Republican who is also a 2013 Governor Perry appointee to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission and the only private practice attorney on the Commission.


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